Create a Bootstrap website with a single click


unroole just made website creation even simpler. Today we launched a new starting point on unroole built only with Bootstrap components. Bootstrap framework and unroole are a match made in modular heaven. We’ve coded Bootstrap components as unroole widgets so you can easily assemble any webpage with no coding required.

As you may or may not k...

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unroole™, the cloud website platform behind 2015 Pan Am Games’ network of websites.



The organizers of the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games & Fuse Marketing Group presented the unroole™ team with a unique challenge:

First, we need a family of websites that will share content and design elements, allowing us to present a unified identity across multiple channels [w...

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unroole for digital agencies


Incorporating a new tool in your everyday workflow is exciting and can be a rewarding experience if the tool delivers on its promises. The process of adopting new tools in your agency workflow starts with exploration; considering how to increase team productivity, decrease production costs, and increase the quality of your service. One of the key criteria here is that integration costs of new tools (in both time and money) don’t negate the benefits you’re promised. Some agencies are not pr...

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Common elements - modularity on a whole new level


Last week we announced few new functionalites added to the unroole. One of these, Common elements, will tremendously speed up page building process in unroole, and make it even more modular and scalable.

In short, Common elements group widgets that are often used together, so you don’t have to add each one to each page where you would like to use them. And when you would like to make some changes to a group, you don’t have to repeat the change on each page. Remember, removing r...

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All new in unroole - Users, Common Elements, Events


The latest build of unroole includes several new features that were on the road map for this build and some workflow tweaks the community requested. When we said we were working on it we meant it, these issues were driving us nuts as well!

New features:

  1. Ability to add new users with different user roles
  2. Common Elements, groupings of widgets that can be used on several pages but changed in one place
  3. Events

Workflow tweaks:


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5 features of a modern CMS


At the beginning of 21st century, the open-source CMS started to enjoy widespread popularity, which in turn helped open web content creation to a larger group. Within this group of content creators, a variety of skillsets and end goals existed, which meant different CMSs ended up targeting and occupying different niches of the market. Drupal became a solution for websites that needed a more complex structure, so they developed their core features to satisfy the needs of complex content ...

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